The twelve gates of the Medina of Monastir

The medina of Monastir has got 12 gates :

Chronologically :

_the gate of Brikcha (
 _the gate of Tunis
_the" Bab El Ghatbi " gate
_the fig tree gate
_the Bab jdid gate
_the other gates have got names of fruits !

Inside the Medina, you will find all kind of shops , which could be relevant if you are looking for something typically tunisian.

The Ribat of Monastir

The Ribat of Monastir is located nearby the Marina.

It's a must see , one of the stars attractions in Monastir . The Ribat  is both an historical monument and somewhat of a movie-star having been in a number of movies.

The Ribat of Monastir was built in 724 and its aim was to defend the city against invaders coming from the sea.

Nowadays, the Ribat offers an astonishing sight on the whole city thanks to its high of 35 meters.

Moreover, it has got a nice cafe allowing you to fully enjoy of the architecture of the site.

Opening hours:

Du 16/09 au 31/03 : 8h30 – 17h30
Du 1er/04 au 15/09 : 8h00 – 19h00
Closed on Mondays

Institut National du Patrimoine
Tél :(00216)71. 561. 693 / 561. 622
Fax :(00216) 71. 562. 452

Directeur Général :
Ipamed :

Don't forget to visit the Islamic museum of Monastir nearby !

Marina of Monastir

The Marina of Monastir is one of the most lively places in Monastir. Indeed, the Marina has got lots of restaurants ( tunisian, french and italian specialities ) and cafés among them "Sidi Bou Saïd" offering tea with a water pipe for 8 dinars ( 4 euros ) .

At the Marina of Monastir, you can also get into of the excursions to Kuriat Islands where you can fish, dive, make a barbecue and so on...

Moreover, the Marina of Monastir has got lots of shops and you can also have a henne tatoo.

Finally, if you have got a boat , the port can welcome you among its 400 places available.
00216 22 437 505

You also have the possibility to rent an appartement in the Marina of Monastir in front of the sea.

Cliff Park Monastir

Cliff Park Monastir is a park with a beautiful sight on the see and the beach. It is called Falaise Park Monastir.

Indeed, Falaise Park Monastir is about 2.2 kilometers from Skanes to the Ribat of Monastir.

You can chill out there nights and days tasting local foof such as chichis or chapatis , which are really appreciated by locals but beware of harissa, which can be too spicy !

Near the Falaise Park Monastir, you can discover the astonishing mixture of sea anc cliff. There , you can enjoy a bath of clay, which is going to purify your skin and hair.

Finally, for the risky-takers , you can go to Mida Kébira et Mida Séghira and compete with locals cliff diving from 20 meters.

Promenade de la falaise
BP 211
5000 Monastir

The Medina in Monastir

Even if the Medina of Monastir is the best place to provide you the best shopping experience,  you will come across lots of stores all over the city .

At Houmt Trabelsia, there are numerous jewellers offering all kind of stuff in gold or silver with good value for money. Moreover, there are lots of artisans specialized in leather, pottery and tapestry.

At Houmt Chraqua, the largest shopping district of Monastir, you will find some traditional tunisian clothes and some antique shops.

One thing to bear in mind in Monastir is that you have to use your bargaining skills if you really want to buy the product ! It's seen as mainstream in Tunisia so don't hesitate to do it.

The striking fact about the Medina of Monastir are the walls of the medina, which  are well preserved considering they have been there since the 9th century.

The Mausoleum of Habib Bourguiba in Monastir

The Mausoleum of Habib Bourguiba in Monastir is really worthing that you take a look at it.

Indeed, it has got a luxurious design and its two minarets are 25 meters high !

Moreover, once you get the start of the paved road up to the building, you cannot help to admire the pavement and the work that has been done into this mausoleum.

On the other hand, when you get the main gate you cannot help to be impressed by the tons of marble and leaf used in the contraction along with the handsome minarets and colonnades.

This is a must-see and it is open until 3pm and is free of charge.

You should know that Monastir was the  home town of Habib Bourguiba, the first Tunisian president.

Contact: 00216 22 437 505